Rules of Jungle Laser

Rules of Jungle Laser

1. Jungle Laser Party: suitable for up to 28 children (MINIMUM number of children guests is 12), no restriction on adults but recommended that at least 1/2 adults for every 6 children are present to host/supervise the party. If you feel you have more children attending your party we can accommodate these by working on a rotation basis for the laser game(s). Please speak to a member of the party organising team or your party host.

2. Jungle Laser is suitable for age group 5YEARS TO 12YEARS OLD. Any child who is part of the party group and is below the age of 5years can only participate at the management’s discretion &/or will be requested to play in the areas not required for the laser games

Any child above the age of 12 years will be classified as an adult & can only participate at the management’s discretion.

3. The parent party host and guests will observe all Jungle V.I.P house rules and will not use the facilities or equipment for any other purpose other than what it is intended for. At all times children are the responsilibity of the supervising guest adult(s).

4. A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking. You are charged per head based on the age of the birthday child. Please remember the birthday child is also included in the party group. For any child who is not to participate in the laser games but is part of the PARTY GROUP you will be charged in full for that child.

5. Any child below the age of 5years &/or is NOT part of the party group will be charged the VIP entry fee of £9.

6. The outstanding balance is required to be paid on the day before the party ends.

7. Please ensure all your guests arrive promptly; Our timings are strict & we will not adjust due to any late arrivals. A MINIMUM OF 6 CHILDREN are required for the Laser game(s) to commence. How many laser games are played are highly dependent on the prompt arrival of guests & ensures that all the children get the maximum participation, fun & enjoyment from the laser games during the allocated time slot. Late arrivals may miss their games, in which case no refund will be issued &/or charges will apply accordingly.

8. It is advisable to be accurate with the number that you are paying for children you have invited. Please confirm number of guests 72 hours before your party, including adult guests to ensure correct food is made; If you fail to confirm numbers, we will make food in accordance to the number advised at time of booking & will charge accordingly.

9. Please note, children aged 12 years & above will be counted as part of the adult guests & will not be charged, but will not be permitted to play on the Laser game. Should you wish them to be part of the game but not the food, we will charge accordingly.

10. Cancellation policy: in the unfortunate event the party is cancelled the following refund policy will be applied.

11. Cancellation within 48 hours’ of booking, (this includes the day of the booking, weekends & public holidays) a full refund of the amount paid will be given.

12. Cancellation after 48 hours’ of booking will be refunded 50% of the total monies paid.

13. Any cancellation within the last 48 hours’ of the party (not including the day of the party), will unfortunately forfeit all monies paid.

14. We understand children may fall ill or have accidents, you are able to move your party booking to an alternative available date & time, for free provided a medical certificate is produced covering the party date. Please note, charges may be incurred for external service providers. Should you wish to cancel please refer to our cancellation policy detailed above.

15. Your party is a 90mins exclusive hire of the whole venue. The laser party is inclusive of and dependent upon the PROMPT arrival of your guests: 45mins laser play on frame inclusive of explanation of rules, how to use the guns & putting group into teams (if possible/applicable), 2-3 games, intervals & announcement of winner/winning team; 30-40mins in party room including cake cutting, party food, 15mins soft play. Last 5-10mins will be advised for parent host to ensure all party guests start making their way to the exit as party is now ending. Tanoy announcements will be made at every stage to aid this process along.

16. If you have extended to have a 2hr party, soft play &/or slightly longer laser play will be incorporated within the 2hrs hire of the venue.

17. Please ensure you complete and bring the guest list on the day of the party &/or send through to us prior to the party; as you will be charged accordingly on the day for the outstanding balance; this will include any children that do not turn up and are on the guest list.

18. HEALTH WARNING: It is the parent host responsibility to ensure that all children guests &/or guests who may participate in the Laser games have no medical condition that may cause them harm. Jungle Laser is a game that requires significant physical exertion and is not suitable for anyone wearing a pace-maker or similar device. Asthmatics, epileptics & those who have poor eyesight MUST advise a member of staff PRIOR to their game. Asthmatics are advised to bring their inhaler – without this they may not be permitted to play.

19. Jungle V.I.P will accept no liability for any injury caused to any persons during the party. The parent party host must ensure the Health & Safety of everyone present at all times and that all guests adhere to the rules at all times. Due to the size of the Jungle Laser equipment & nature of the game, is deemed unsuitable for children below age of 5years.

20. All players &/or parent who request for their child to participate in Jungle Laser is at their own risk.

21. Any child/persons who has recently suffered an accident or is feeling unwell, should not be allowed to play on the Jungle V.I.P equipment, &/or participate with the laser games, for the Health & Safety for the child themselves as well as for the other children.

22. Please note, due to Health & Safety of all your guests, we will request all Adult guests &/or children not participating in the Laser games to observe from seating areas furthest away from the play area where the games will commence.

23. No alcohol or smoking is permitted on Jungle V.I.P premises at any time.

24. A maximum of 5 adults per party are allowed to be in the party room. Due to health & safety reasons we will request you limit the number of adults attending your party, & from entering the party room during the party.

25. All Grown Up Meal deal platters will be served 15 mins from the start of the party unless specified at time of booking.

26. Birthday cake if requested by the parent party host, to be served out to children &/or parent guests at time of party, will be served in plastic cups/bowls/plates – & is at the discretion of the party host, unless tableware has been provided by parent hosts. If cake is to be sent home, will be wrapped and served in napkins/cups (unless containers have been provided by parent hosts).

27. In the unlikely event we have to cancel a party, we will endeavour to provide a suitable alternative within a reasonable period of time or a full refund will be given. Jungle V.I.P will not be liable to pay any compensation to the parent party host or any other persons for any loss, damage or expenditure arising directly or indirectly from the cancellation.

28. Whilst every effort is made to maintain all 14 operational guns, there may occasionally be times when this will not be possible. Games will be adjusted accordingly to ensure all players are able to participate during the allocated time slot.

29. Please note your booking is for 90mins slot inclusive of playtime (unless extended & paid for 2hr party). The party room will be ready in time for when the children’s party feast will be served and NOT necessarily at the start of your party slot. All party guests & party hosts will need to vacate the premises by the end of your allocated party slot.

30. The children’s menus are set menus. Any additional requests may be refused or charged at an additional cost per child.

31. The birthday cake is the ONLY outside food permitted for the party guests (anything else will have to be authorised by management prior to the party& will be confiscated if still by party parent hosts offered on the day of the party).

32. Should you request food that is not available on our Grown up Meal Deals, we are happy to speak to our suppliers. You are not permitted to bring your own food &/or use your own supplier. Please note there may be an additional charge with food requested outside the specified menus as part of the Grown up meal deals & in some cases, we may not be able to supply the food you have requested. We will require a minimum of 14 days’ notice on any special requests as to avoid disappointment – but still cannot be guaranteed.

33. Should you have any concerns with your food during your party or any other issues/concerns need to be brought to your party host’s attention immediately and not at the end of the party.

34. Any leftover food will be at the parent host discretion should they wish to take home but will need to provide Tupperware – all leftovers will be discarded.

35. In the rare occasion where an evacuation takes place during your party, please be advised your party will still be scheduled to finish at the set time. Jungle V.I.P will not be liable to pay any compensation to the parent party host or any other persons for any loss, damage or expenditure arising directly or indirectly from the evacuation as this is a health & safety issue, & customer welfare is paramount.

36. Should you require any changes to the children’s party feast or have specific dietary requirements you will need to notifyus 7 days before your party. Please be advised less than 7 days’ notice, we may not be able to fulfil requirements. Please note, it is the responsible of the parent party host to provide Jungle V.I.P staff with all medical/dietary information for all the children attending the party.

37. The parent party host is responsible/liable for any damage or injury occurring from or as a result of misuse or reckless use of any Jungle V.I.P equipment.

38. It is the parent party host’s responsibility to ensure children are supervised at all times and that the children comply with all reasonable instructions from Jungle V.I.P staff to ensure the safety of the attendees and other persons present. Jungle V.I.P reserves the right to suspend the event if you are in breach of this clause. Jungle V.I.P staff are present to ensure the correct use of the Jungle Laser equipment, access first aid facilities & implement Jungle V.I.P rules.

39. Jungle V.I.P reserve the right to charge the cost of repair of any damages made to the Jungle Laser &/or play frame equipment due to deliberate misuse of equipment.

40. It is parent party host’s responsibility to ensure that any additional requirements are brought to our attention 72hours prior to the party e.g. adding extra things to party bags, etc. We cannot guarantee your requests will be fulfilled, especially if left till the day of the party.

41. Jungle V.I.P will accept no liability or responsibility to the parent party host for any damages, costs, losses, claims, expenses, demands and proceedings, including property of the parent host and their guests.

42. Staff/Management reserves the right to request form of ID to check any child’s age/DOB. Any concerns with a child, they maybe refused entry onto the play frame.

43. Jungle V.I.P reserves the right to amend terms & conditions as & when necessary.

44. Jungle V.I.P reserves the right to terminate the booking without notice if there is breach of any of the above terms & conditions.